Welcome to HHL Property (UK) Ltd

HHL Property Management Ltd is a specialist property management company whose sole business is the management of communal areas of blocks of apartments/houses.

The Directors of HHL have over 25 Years of experience between them of effectively managing property both in the United Kingdom and overseas.

Our management activities and related accounting procedures are governed by statute and the Service Charge Residential Management code produced by The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors RICS. Independent auditors certify annually that they have audited our clients accounts and that we have fully complied with the Client Account Regulations. Additionally, we have substantial professional indemnity insurance cover for our activities. These requirements are all designed to protect you, by ensuring that your service charge fund is adequately safeguarded against fraud or theft, that you are charged a reasonable sum for the services provided and that we adopt a proper professional attitude in dealing with you.

We feel confident that you would be satisfied with the service that we could provide for you.

Our experience

Our wealth of experience has enabled the company to provide a professional standard of property management and to ensure our developments are managed in accordance with the wishes of the residents at a competitive cost.

Our directors and contractors are always in a position to visit respective developments to monitor activities more closely than the larger countrywide estate managers. We are independent of any developer working entirely for the apartment owners and are accountable to the residents association or similar body depending on the legal structure of your development.