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HHL take advice on financial matters from Hailwood & Co, who are Chartered Accountants and Registered Auditors. They help us keep abreast of current best practice in:


It is important that our accounting system is capable of keeping the financial affairs of each of our clients separate, and that we have clearly defined procedures to ensure that the system operates in the way it is intended. We have involved properly qualified people at every stage in the development of this system and continue to do so.


Reports and accounts prepared for clients and their leaseholders/residents, as well as being accurate must meet statutory requirements and above all be understandable. Hailwood & Co certify all the accounts we produce, act as our agent in dealings with Companies House and HM Revenue and Customs and assist in the drafting of reports, ensuring that the financial plans of the board of management are communicated clearly to those paying the service charges.


HHL ‘S in-house finance team, under the direction of our finance manager, closely monitor the financial position of all of our developments. Since we are FSA affiliated this is a crucial aspect of our service.

HHL uses a bespoke finance management system to enable the management of your funds to be efficient, thorough, and most importantly transparent. Financial information can be provided to our owners with the touch of a button.

Reports on the financial position of our developments are provided to their Directors on a regular basis and as requested.

HHL’s philosophy of Working together is best practice.


HHL employs a practising solicitor, who attends to all the legal needs of the properties we manage.


Very often the Management Company’s cash flow is threatened by leaseholders not paying their service charge, thus jeopardising the ability to pay bills, budget its finances etc. Our in-house solicitor can take the necessary legal action against these debtors, usually at no cost to the Management Company, even claiming back interest on the debts in most cases.


Our clients can also take advantage of a qualified professional, who has spent many years in the field of leasehold property, on other matters, such as enforcing terms of the lease. This is particularly useful in instances of the interpretation of leases or nuisance. Breaches of covenants contained within the lease can cause a great deal of distress to residents. Our legal team act swiftly to ensure any act of nuisance is dealt with provisionally and effectively.

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